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Thank you for your interest in covering TOKYO AUTO SALON (TAS) 2018. Media registration is now open online.

◆ Eligibility for TAS 2018 Media Accreditation
• Working member of the press who falls under one of the below categories 1-5 may apply.

• Registration is tied to individuals, not an organization, which can be made by one person per email address only. No shared address (e.g. info@) accepted.

• Media accreditation is reserved for those who actually do covering duty at TAS 2018.

1) Journalist/editor/reporter/photographer on print media outlet having periodical publications.
2) TV crew or broadcaster/presenter/performer on TV station or production office.
3) Journalist /reporter or broadcaster/presenter/performer on radio station or production office.
4) Journalists/reporter/editor on online media must work for organizations that meet the following criteria:
– The website must be previously established (before you apply for TAS 2018 media accreditation); and
– The website must provide original editorial news coverage on automobile and updated regularly.
5) Freelancer who is on assignment for any of the above-mentioned media outlet already commissioned to cover TAS 2018. The title of the publication/programme, where TAS 2018 report will appear on, is required.

* Due to limitations of the venue, TAS may limit media credentials per each company at its discretion.

Below are not included in the TAS media requirements. Thus media pass will not be issued to:
a) Anyone who visits TAS 2018 for the purpose of shooting commercial video/DVD/software;
b) Advertising agencies, PR firms, research firms or analyst firms or consulting firms;
c) Non-editorial professionals even though they represent a legitimate media outlet;
d) Freelancer who is not on assignment for a legitimate media outlet and/or has no particular titles to run TAS 2018 report;
e) Anyone whose visiting purpose is making newsletter, house organ or company’s website; or
f) Anyone whose media platform is SNS only (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.).

* If you are any of the above a – f commissioned by an Exhibitor, please ask the Exhibitor for a pass/ticket.

g) Personal website/blog, fan site/community site, forums or user groups; or
h) Any media which may be offensive to public order and morality and/or containing obscene/violent/unlawful content.

◆ Take the Following Steps to Aquire a Media Pass
**NOTE: our email address (domain) has changed.**

1. Complete the Application Form by clicking on the “Application Form” button below. Upon submission, an automatic reply will be sent shortly to your registered email address to notify you about receipt of your Application.
* To receive the email properly, please whitelist <@tokyoautosalon.jp> before you apply.
* If the auto reply mail does not arrive within few minutes, please check once again if the email address you typed was correct.

2. We will then consider each Application in accordance with the TAS Media requirements. All successful applicants will receive an email whose subject line is “TOKYO AUTO SALON 2018 | Application Accredited_Media”.

3. Click on the link in the email above and type in “Approval No.” and “Password” in the entry fields to log in and get your “Media Credential Confirmation (a letter of approval)” containing a barcode.

4. Media Pass is not mailed. Please collect your Media Pass at the on-site Credential Centre (Central Gate at the Makuhari Messe) by providing (1)either hardcopy of the Confirmation letter or softcopy of the barcode, (2)valid photo ID (passport preferred) and (3)a business card (with individual’s name and title and the name of a verified media outlet). For security reasons, the addressee of the Media Credential Confirmation is the only person authorized to pick up your Pass.

* You can register on-site as well though it will require time for accreditation process. A long waiting queue is expected especially on Friday morning. We strongly recommend you to register online.
– Credential Center opens earlier than the scheduled time just for online registrants.
– Online registrants will enjoy early access to Media Centre prior to the official show opening.

• TAS reserves the right to approve or deny accreditation. The decision is final and cannot be appealed.

• We re-examine TAS Media Accreditation requirements on a yearly basis, and all applications will be considered in accordance with the requirements of the year. Having been granted a Pass does not guarantee that a Pass will be issued again or favourably considered.

• We will notify you of the result, either approved or denied, via email which is supposed to be sent between 11 Dec 2017 and 9 Jan 2018 (the email will not always be sent in order of arrival of application). If you do not receive an email by 9 Jan 2018, please contact us at <pr@tokyoautosalon.jp>.

• Media Credential Confirmation is not transferable.

• Any credential getter must submit (a copy of) your report on TAS 2018 to us. Failure to do so may result in denial of your future accrediting opportunities

For all media enquiries, please contact:
TOKYO AUTO SALON PR Division <pr@tokyoautosalon.jp> **NOTE: our email address has changed.**