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Media accreditation for TOKYO AUTO SALON (TAS) 2020 is strictly reserved for working members of the press. All applicants must fully comply with TAS 2020 media accreditation requirements and make a registration to undergo accreditation process. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY AND MAKE SURE YOU MEET THE REQUIREMENTS BEFORE YOU APPLY.

Eligibility Criteria

Working members of the press who fall under one of the below categories 1-5 may apply. Media accreditation can only be issued to those who actually do covering duty at TAS 2020.

1) Journalist/editor/reporter/photographer on print media outlet publishing periodical publication(s).

2) TV crew or broadcaster/presenter/performer on TV station or production office.

3) Journalist /reporter or broadcaster/presenter/performer on radio station or production office.

4) Journalist/reporter/editor on online publication must belong to a registered company which meets the following criteria:
  – The website must be previously established (before you apply for TAS 2020 media accreditation); and
  – The website must produce original editorial content on automobile, and regularly maintained.

5) Freelance journalists/photographers must be on assignment from a recognised news organization or publication. A letter of assignment and recent bylined article(s) on automobile must be submitted in a separate email.

Below are NOT Eligible for Media Accreditation

a) Social media (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) regardless of the number of followers/subscribers.

b) Advertising agencies, PR firms, research firms, marketing firms, analyst firms and consulting firms.

c) Non-editorial professions, such as sales, marketing and administration representatives, even though they represent a legitimate media organization.

d) Freelancers who are not on assignment from a legitimate media organization.

e) Those working on corporate website, and internal publications such as house organ, annual report and newsletter that are circulated internally or to a selected group of clients.
* If you are the case with any of the above a – e commissioned by an Exhibitor, please ask the Exhibitor for a pass/ticket.

f) Anyone who intend to shoot a video for commercial product. *This is prohibited with or without a pass.

g) Personal website/blog, fan site/community site, forums or user groups.

h) Any media which may be offensive to public order and moral and/or containing obscene/violent/unlawful content.

* Registrations will be closed on Friday 27 December 2019 at noon JST.
* You can register onsite as well though it will require time for accreditation process. A long waiting queue is expected especially on Friday morning. We strongly encourage you to register online.
On Friday 10 January, online registrants will have privileges of:
  – Having priority over onsite registrants to be served at the media registration desk.
  – Early access to the Media Centre prior to the official show opening.


• Registration is tied to individuals which can be made by one person per email address only. No group applications accepted.
• TAS may limit on the number of Media passes per each organization at its discretion.
• Submission of application does not guarantee pass will be issued. All applications will be considered by the organizer. The results, either approved or denied, will be emailed between 10 December 2019 and 7 January 2020.
• TAS reserves the right to approve or deny accreditation. The decision is final and cannot be appealed.
• Successful applicants will receive a “Media Credential Confirmation” which is required to pick up a pass onsite. This is for the use of the accredited person himself only and must not be transferred to anyone else even to your colleague.
• Anyone who obtained a media pass must send us (a copy of ) the publication with the TAS 2020 coverage on. Failure to do so may result in denial of your future accrediting opportunities.

Contact us for media enquiries:
Tokyo Auto Salon Public Relations Division <pr@tokyoautosalon.jp>